Impact Volunteering Program

We define volunteering as an activity which demands spending time, unpaid doing something aimed at benefiting an individual, group or community at one’s own will.

Impact Generation engages in two kinds of volunteering:

  • Formal- volunteering in public, private, voluntary organizations
  • Informal- Community participation


Volunteerism is used globally as a tool for developing active citizens, fostering national cohesion, and creating opportunities for skills development and application among young people. There is the need to make volunteerism attractive to young people and inspire patriotism. (National Youth Policy of Ghana, August 2010)

Impact Volunteering Program:

The program is well structured to ensure participants gain experience and relevant skills whilst contributing to the mission and goals of the organization they volunteer with, and the community they serve.

The volunteering program targets youth between the ages of 15 -35years. Youth will be registered on the various types of volunteering activities under the program.

Participants are taken through a comprehensive orientation and training exercises in some selected areas to equip them for their volunteer work and ensure they are of maximum benefit to their host organizations and community.


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