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We believe young people can be change agents in their communities, countries and the world at large when provided with the right platform to develop.
That is why we invest in creating opportunities, educating and developing skills and abilities of young people.
We engage in:

  • SRH; HIV and AIDS: Empower young people to make healthy sexual decisions and be safe.
  • Volunteering: A source of experience and employment opportunity to young people
  • Mentoring: Develop future leaders

Latest news articles

First Lady Mrs Lordina Mahama has lauded her colleagues for their commitment over the last year to the fight against HIV & AIDS on the continent.
Speaking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mrs Mahama said, “It is important that all hands are on deck in the fight against HIV & AIDS.”

Among gay and bisexual men in Glasgow, not having recently taken an HIV test is associated with being under the age of 25, over the age of 45, a fear of receiving an HIV-positive result and not perceiving HIV testing to be typical amongst gay friends. Interventions to promote HIV testing should address these issues, researchers suggest in the March issue of AIDS Care.

Common wisdom is difficult to overturn, even when it’s wrong.
The astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus discovered the earth is not the center of our universe. Physician Ignaz Semmelweis recognized that unwashed hands transmit disease. Albert Einstein found that time and space are relative.